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Since the launch of the Reggae band Jah Movement in May 2015, they took over the Florida Circuit in less than a year and won the hearts of many fans young and old.  Some of their accolades include being a winner of Creative Loafing’s 2019, 2018, & 2016 Best Reggae Band in the Florida Tampa Bay Area, Runner-Up of Creative Loafing’s of 2017 Best Reggae Band in the Florida Tampa Bay Area, in 2016 and 2017 2nd place winners of Sarasota Herald-Tribunes Best Local Entertainment.  Jah Movement is made up of some of the best musicians in the South West Florida Region. Jah Movement) has a glorifying sound where the individual talents of each member come together and add their style of talent to music.

Damie Caines former lead vocalist of popular band 'Democracy' provides his unique sounds that many local reggae artists can't touch. Shantel Norman who is one of the most popular female vocalists in Southwest Florida can sing ANY genre of music and leave people with their mouths wide open. She has won many awards because of her talents. 
Founded in May of 2015, JMRB has established a well-known name and reputation throughout Florida. Their passion for performing live for different audiences of different ages, the band comes equipped with not only the BEST LIVE Reggae music but adding their own touch of R&B, Soul and Funk music. You never know what popular songs they will pull out the box at each show!
JMRB now has their first début EP album called ‘The Movement’ which was released on their one-year anniversary date in May 2016. Selling out their first album ‘The Movement’ with over 500 copies the night of their album release party. JMRB has had the opportunity to open for many popular reggae artists like Ky-Mani Marley, Inner Circle, Black Uhuru. They plan to start a mini U.S tour very soon.





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Jah Movement's Newest Single - Early In The Morning feat. Sowflo

Jah Movement's Most Streamed Tune - Jah Is Always There

"To You I Pray" 2018 Award-Winning Song. Best New Release!


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“To You I Pray” is pure magic. It is a purifying journey into the depths of your soul, one that brings you as close to the essence of life as music could ever do. Once the music sets in, your head is no longer where your feet are.

Jah Movement is the award-winning, Florida-based reggae band voted “Best in the Bay” in the Tampa Bay area. They’ve thrilled crowds at some of the region’s most prominent venues, gathering loyal fans and followers along the way.

Favorite Summer Song: Jah Movement “To You I Pray”

I always find myself getting into Reggae vibes in the summer. It’s just music that sounds like you should be sitting in the sun, with a spritzy drink in hand. This song particularly seems to focus on some Rastafarian elements of love and spirituality. 


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